The aim of the Erasmus+ project “Designing with Lego: The Eco-Cities of Tomorrow” (Youngsters4Ecocities) is to support sustainable living by providing teachers with the necessary knowledge and tools to foster young peoples’ understanding of natural systems, urban landscapes and ecological city planning. Young students will learn about ecological city planning by using LEGO® bricks. Landscape architect and city planner Ian McHarg (1920 – 2001), for whom environment came first in his work, inspired this project. His concept (Design with Nature, 1969) forms the basis for the tool development.

One of the main results of our project is this platform, which you are about to experience. It hosts the two other results of our project:

  • a curriculum for teachers (for students aged 6-14) based on the Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG 11), focusing on building ecological cities.
  • a Training Methodology and Manual for Teachers & Educational Staff: the methodology exemplifies the project’s paradigm shift through an integrated set of online interactive maps that will include the history of city-building techniques. The trainer manual provides teachers and educational staff with tools on how to teach both ecological urbanism and ecological building techniques.

The products and the platform will be available in all partner languages.

Here you can get news about the most important steps in the development of our project and you will be informed about upcoming events.

February 2021

We had the great chance to attend a 2-day Workshop by urban designer, teacher, researcher and illustrator Christine Hempel. She gave us interesting insights in city planning, Ian McHarg´s Design with Nature, Ecological Urbanism and the use of LEGO® bricks for teaching sustainability in city planning. This experience will support us in our future project work.

November 2020

The partners of this great project met for the first time to plan the initial steps of the project “Designing with Lego: The Eco-Cities of Tomorrow”. As it is unfortunately usual nowadays, we only had the chance to meet each other online. But this did not prevent us from a successful start in the project. We are looking forward to two interesting years…