Find out more about the partners who are involved in this project. We are from Denmark, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Portugal and Germany and are happy to introduce our organizations.


                                      FO-Aarhus – Denmark

Folke Oplysningsforbund – Aarhus (FO Aarhus, Association for Public Information) is a non-government, non-profit organisation established in 1973 to provide non-formal adult learning and counselling to the citizens of Aarhus. It has its own elected Board of Governors that represents the private sector, public administration and the formal and vocational education sector. It is a member of the national public information organization, umbrella organization for 35 nationwide, public information organizations, each with its own purpose and specialty.

Since its founding, FO-Aarhus has expanded its reach and programs: Its primary focus is on adult education especially for the disadvantaged groups, i.e., refugees and immigrants, unemployed, people with learning challenges, dyslectics, people with mental issues – to enhance their quality of life and to integrate (or re-integrate) them into society and the labor market. FO-Aarhus owns the “FO-byen” (FO City) – composed of several buildings where it holds its activities, programs and projects.

FO-Aarhus has vast experience in project management – both local and EU-wide. It has a large network of local and national institutions and FO-Aarhus cooperates with them to have a greater impact on its projects. Among its network are the Municipality of Aarhus (FO-Aarhus implements social projects for the municipality); local and national learning institutions, various types of NGOs; government institutions – both in policymaking and in delivery of public service.



        Lousada Municipality – Portugal

The Municipality of Lousada (ML) is an institution of local public administration in northern Portugal. The territory is periurban, has about 50.000 inhabitants in high density, and faces many ecological challenges. Thus, since 2015, the ML has implemented an innovative and pioneer sustainability agenda, integrating all types of stakeholders in active citizenship: private companies, parishes, schools, NGOs, etc. The whole educative system was shifted towards environmental actions, with local projects such as Lousada Charcos, BioEscola, Lousada Guarda RIOS, Gigantes Verdes, Plantar Lousada, BioLousada, Casa Ninho, among others. Also, the territory has been intervened in order to protect priority areas for nature conservation, control invasive species and improve degraded areas. So far, over 40 hectares of degraded land has been converted to nature conservation areas, over 65.000 native trees were planted, and special attention has been dedicated to our woodlands.

All the efforts towards sustainability led the ML to be awarded the European Transformative Action Award in 2019.


        SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Limited – Cyprus

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is a pioneering organisation, which initiates and implements projects of positive social impact, with a focus on social inclusion (particularly in the fields of entrepreneurship, migrant integration, empowerment, sustainable development). SYNTHESIS is one of the leading institutions in the country in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It founded and manages HUB NICOSIA, an educational centre and a community of organisations with cultural, environmental and social aims.

SYNTHESIS runs exclusive Units on Migrant Integration, Social Entrepreneurship Support, Youth and adult learning, School Education, Research and Policy, and VET and enterprise. Working closely with stakeholders across the country and Europe, we bring innovation, mainly through digital, online, and mobile tools, to enable the balance between knowledge (hard skills) and interpersonal skills and stimulate the employability of every individual.


             ECO LOGIC – the Republic of North Macedonia

ECO-LOGIC is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to protection and conservation of the environment, promotion of modern ecological practices, as well as monitoring and promoting the principle of sustainable development, emphasizing primary education settings (elementary and primary schools, both formal and non formal). Our organization encourages and supports positive changes in society in the forms of:

  • Promotion of the ecology as science and promotion of the cleaner production concept, emphasizing primary education settings.
  • Protection and conservation of nature and the environment, as well as distribution of environmental knowledge and upgrade of ecological education.
  • Promotion of the principle for sustainable development and development of VET programmes in the field.
  • Creating new “green” jobs based on the concept of sustainable development.
  • Organization of specific tailored made training programmes related to sustainable development (eg: sustainable development goals/SDG’s, sustainability, sustainability advising, SD in social entrepreneurship, educational SDG camps for youth, and project activities for both high school staff and students).
  • Development and testing of innovative methodologies for teaching and learning on the topics of sustainable development, European values, sustainability advising, environmental awareness, and social business development.
  • Development and introduction of educational board games on various topics in formal and non-formal settings (training courses, classrooms, etc.)
  • Development and testing of tools for initiation of discussion among young people and adults (social topics, European values, personal beliefs, sustainable community development, etc.)
  • Participation in the creation of the first national programme on home care assistants for elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease, in collaboration with various other national organizations.
  • Delivery of variety of campaigns such as environmental campaigns, worker’s rights campaigns, and many others.

ECO-LOGIC has a strong background and experience in child, youth and adult related work, emphasizing non-formal education activities on various topics. Since its establishment in 2011, the organization has devoted itself to share and promote knowledge and information on the topics of environment, ecology and sustainable development in elementary schools across the country, but also across Europe. Eco Logic has strong network with 150 elementary schools and 30 high schools across Macedonia. It also collaborates with the City of Skopje (Department for Education), Adult Education Center as well as with Bureau for Development of Education.


              Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH – Germany 

Wisamar is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by TÜV as education provider and also by the Office for Migration and Refugees as Integration Course Provider. Wisamar works in the following areas: Labour market and social integration, Further education, EU Mobility & Mobility Consultancy and as Project Office for different EU funded projects.

The aim of the organisation is the promotion of education, tolerance and international attitude in all spheres of understanding between different people, cultures and education. Together with partners from the Leipzig-Halle region as well as from all over Europe we are committed to common European activities in education as well as regional development.