Building with LEGO bricks: The Ecocities of Tomorrow
CURRICULUM on Sustainable Cities

Are you a teacher of students aged 6 to 14 and would you like to work on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities? This resource aims to familiarize you with the concept of sustainable cities and its characteristics.

The curriculum addresses the following topics:

  • The Theory of Ian McHarg on Environmental Planning
  • Trees and Forests
  • Urban Mobility, Health Benefits of Urban Ecology, and Human-Nature Connection
  • Caring for Water
  • Connectivity and Animal Migration
  • Urban Agriculture

The modules provide comprehensive information on the above topics as well as a glossary and further resources for you to explore.

Building with LEGO bricks: The Ecocities of Tomorrow
HANDBOOK on Sustainable Cities

This resource provides teachers with lesson activities to teach 6- to 14-year-old students on Sustainable Development Goal 11. By using LEGO bricks, students explore the parameters of sustainable cities and create a vision for the Ecocities of Tomorrow. The handbook consists of 3 activities on each topic addressed in the curriculum.

Each activity provides:

  • an introduction into the activity’s topic
  • learning outcomes
  • step-by-step guidelines for implementation and assessment
  • information on duration, teaching method and materials used
  • useful links and resources for further reading

Through model building with LEGO bricks, teachers and educators can bring the topics ecological planning, urban ecology and sustainable cities and communities closer to young people in a fun and engaging way.