The Theory of Ian McHarg on Environmental Planning

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To meet the growing challenges of the 21st century, it has become evident that we need a holistic, sustainable approach to urban development which takes into consideration the maintainance of a healthy ecosystem. In 1969 the landscape architect Ian McHarg advocated for an ecological approach to city plannning and development, suggesting that environmental systems and landscapes were to be analysed, mapped and prioritized in order to assess which location is most suitable for city building. His theory is relevant now more than ever as we continue fighting against climate change. For in-depth information about Ian McHarg´s ecological approach, , read page 9-18 of the curriculum


With the 3 activities in module 1 of the handbook (page 5-42) the learners will get a basic introduction to Ian McHarg's theory on environmental planning. They become familiar with Ian McHarg as a person and with his book ‘Design with Nature’ through storytelling, roleplay, sensory play and building layers and buildings with LEGO bricks.


Get inspired by what learners from North-Macedonia, Portugal, Denmark, Cyprus and Germany envisioned for the sustainable city of the future. Visit our Gallery for models built with LEGO bricks showing results from our activities conducted in the past. If you have used the activities for your lessons and want to inspire others, you are welcome to contribute to the gallery. Send your pictures with information on which activity you did in what context to - .


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