Caring for Water

Source: The water system in Nye, Denmark. Aarhus Vand.


Water is a vital ressource for life on earth. This concerns human life as well as animal and plant life. If we want to ensure a future on this planet, we need to protect the ecological balance in nature and take good care of our water resources. If we continue consuming water carelessly, nature cannot keep up and future generations will experience lack of water ressources. Interferring with the water cycle can enhance and cause natural disasters, resulting in social, economic and environmental consequences. By adopting principles of ecological city planning, cities will become more resilient to disasters and take better care of the world´s ecosystems. For more on this read page 60-77 in the curriculum.


With the 3 activities in module 4 the learners will become familiar with the importance of water as a main condition of life. They will also get a basic introduction to the phenomena drought, flooding and water pollution through storytelling, sensory play and building with LEGO bricks. Find the activities on page 83-127 of the handbook.


Get inspired by what learners from North-Macedonia, Portugal, Denmark, Cyprus and Germany envisioned for the sustainable city of the future. Visit our Gallery for models built with LEGO bricks showing results from our activities conducted in the past. If you have used the activities for your lessons and want to inspire others, you are welcome to contribute to the gallery. Send your pictures with information on which activity you did in what context to - .


Test your knowledge on the topic with our quiz. For self-assessment try to answer the questions before and after reading the complete module.